Monday, March 02, 2015

MInd Sieve 3/2/15

Well, well, well... After managing to do a full post last week, the rest of the week blew up so it was about the only thing I posted. How sad is that? The day job is killing me softly...

Fan Fun

Superfast Official Trailer #1 (Fast and Furious Spoof) - might be worth it. :P

The Lady in the Van Official UK Trailer #1 - Hah! Love her! Should be fun!

Aloha Official Trailer 1 - I can feel the need for a hanky already! Hee!

Walter Official Trailer 1 - looks cute. :)

Social Media/Author Platform

Facebook Launches Ads Manager App: This Week In Social Media by Cindy King at the Social Media Examiner. I can't keep up! There's so much stuff out there. Dang! (The Twitter Wordpress Ad-on sounds good.)

Snapchat Marketing: What Businesses Need To Know by Michael Stelzner at the Social Media Examiner. Noooo, not another new social media avenue! Nooooooo!

Writing Advice

The Doctrine of the Doers-5 Principles of Achievement from Kristen Lamb. Preach it sistah!

Boom! Publishing like Beyonce from Jami Gold. Congrats on the releases! It's more of a crapshoot everyday. Sigh.

Have a great week!

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