Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/4/15

I'm running late!!!!

Golden Sunset anyone?

Kept trying for a better angle. lol

Hubby needs to clean his windshield. :P

A ton of birds out. I love when the sky does the pinks and blues.

Pictures never truly convey how many birds are hanging around.

Slightly more focused angle. Heh

Literally a blanket of clouds. 

Something is coming!

This sky freaked me out. It looked FAKE! There's some scenes in the movie Damnation Alley that make the clouds look like this - like added or changed items. 

The saddest part about this picture is that the awesome colors we could see, don't get picked up.

This one showed them slightly better. Heh.

Happy Wednesday!

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