Sunday, January 18, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment 1/18/15


Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishment
Kew Gardens
Offices Section

Look at that cobbled walk! The lovely building!

The botanists working here record experiments and other things on this. 

Cozy office no?

Finally got into the seed room and nursery areas. :)

Occasionally we play someone else. In this case - Toby the best nose in London! 

Following a scent trail in Kew Gardens. Go, Toby, Go!

Because he's with us, he shows up in the coach as we go through the travel (screenloading) sequence. So cute!

Divine Syndicate

Visiting the Divine Syndicate - a group of people who worship a tree god and plants. Zone is a mixture of Japanese and Chinese architecture.

A lovely little bridge and water lilies. So pretty!

The main club building.

Way to the medication/Taichi garden.

Head of the group.

Notice his awesome tattoo on the neck! 

A lovely temple bell.

Closeup of the main building. Lovely!

Closeup of the bell

Front side of the bell. The circle would be where it would be hit to make it ring. :)

Have a great day!

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