Sunday, December 28, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 12/28/14

Still trying to figure out how to get pics for Sherlock Crime & Punishment. I have one more thing I can try and hopefully will today. :P Wish me luck!

So until such a time....

Westonia (Figured out where we are again! Yay!)

Winter Wonderland of DOOM! But still pretty. :)

Such a forbidding sky.

Looks so cold.

Neat spires

Heaters YES!

Those cabins do not look weather proofed at all! Heh heh

Blight Forest

Back to the green and the warmth! Beautiful autumn colors here.

And the sky!

Flora and ruins, plus bad glowing stuff.


 Blessing Basin in Essenia

A truly beautiful place.

Love the statue!

Miniature of the giant flying fish?

A visitation begins

A goddess - Princess Leia's older sister perhaps? :P

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

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