Sunday, November 30, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 11/30/14



City of Allemantheia

Love the ornate style here

Fountains of magic power. Look at that detail!

Allemantheia HQ

The leaders of the city and more hang out here.

Hard to tell from the pick, but the glowing blue is flowing. Almost like looking at fluid stained glass.

Some awesome floor tile work!

Head honcho! 

Not the head honcho! Eek! This is part of a story on problems the elves are having with the magic flow.

They're mucking with the towers.

Not good news. 

On our way out of Allemantheia

Closer look at some of the magic towers.

Aren't they cool?

I love these too! 

New Zone but having a hard time finding it's name. Argh!

A little wild!

Pesky problems in the zone.

Well dressed Elven NPCs!

Too cute!

Have an awesome Sunday!

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