Sunday, November 02, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 11/2/14

It's Fall Back weekend for our clocks. Good thing we had the extra hour because I got stuck on a problem and went to bad way way later than usual for a Saturday night. Ugh.


Big Baddie Time!

Look at that mug!

Not a happy guy at all.

Way down deep.

Another restful place.

That is but a hint of what lies under the sand. Tail end. Nasty buggers.

Bizzare object in the sand. 

Here's another. The demonic faces are something new.

Yes, another safe spot to catch our breath.

Water! Everywhere! Can see really far in it too. Neat.

Lovely underwater plants.

Some of the angry locals


More ruins. 

Baddies in the area.

FISH! Back in the back. He pops up here and there. Dang it! I will get a full pic!


Kitty! On a horse? lol.

Weather has changed and it's cold this morning!

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