Sunday, October 05, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 10/5/14

Good morning!

For whatever reason I can't find the names of the places I've been the last couple of weeks. :( Nooo!

A gorgeous horse owned by a player

He looks hungry, doesn't he?

Beautiful, no?

Entrance to a the grounds of a witches school.

The front of the school.

Main entry room. And yes, they use pumpkins in ALL their decorating. lo.

The magnificent ceiling of the main room.

One of the young witches.

One of the grand hallways

More see through ceiling.

The grand clock in the main entry room

Signs of magic!

Look at the awesome tile flooring!

Killer pumpkins!

One of the library rooms. So cool!

One of the dormitories

Looking down into the main entry room

One of the student area.

Have an awesome day!

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