Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 10/29/14 - Foodie Issue!

Morning all!

In the last couple of weeks or more, hubby and I discovered a couple of fab restaurants. So I am going to share! Heh heh

Wasabi & Wok - Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.

Unagi Don Buri - Eel Rice Bowl - done a little differently than your usual Unagi Don, but still so delicious! The Martini Glass lit up and had radish spaghetti and other vegetables. Nice!

Beef Fried Rice.

I love these things! So beautiful!

Chicken and Flat Noodle - hubby was doing the whole Scooby Doo and Scooby Snacks bit after he took a taste. lol. 

Adobo Puerto Rican Restaurant

Little place of Beltline in Irving. 

Mofongo - have not had this in forever! YUM.

Hubby got Churrasco - skirt steak and onions. He was one happy camper. The beans for the rice came in a separate cup and were super tasty.

Pernil - roast pork. Also arroz y gandules. 

Sadly, I totally forgot to take a pic of my daughters Canoe - dish I'd not seen before but looked fantastic. (I had a hard time picking!) And they even had tostones. We'll be back!

And now I'm hungry. lol. Have a great Wednesday!

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