Sunday, July 20, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 7/20/14

Morning all!
Running late. Been fighting a cold and it tricked me this morning. For shame!

Crecentia/Lumbertown areas
(I think)

Like totally friendly decor here, right?

Portable campfires to regen health, mps, and stamina. 

Totally cute!

Yeah, totally friendly area. For sure! NOT

Such cool architecture!

Teleport portal. These guys do use antlers in all their decorating! Hee hee!

Cutest bag guys ever!

All sorts of interesting stuff.

Doesn't he look cool?

Latest armor of the moment.

Hubby's. Too cute

This thing was so creepy looking! 

The rows of eyes. Eek!

Bunny in a rock. 

Baby dragon!!!!!

Isn't that a glorious sky?

Gave a great day!

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