Sunday, June 15, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Everquest Landmark 6/15/14

Morning Intrepid Readers~!

Everquest Landmark
I went touring a little on a couple of zones and found some really fun stuff out there.

Loved the lattice work over his back patio. Even had a fake pool!

This place was perfect for the dry zone I was at. Loved the fans and the nice porch! 

View of the porch (with rocking chairs!) and the entrance to the interior. On the right is the main entrance. Look at the way he made the neat window and the picture you can see through it. Nice effect~!

Even has a sunken living room. And he made an actual room divider screen! I could live here. :)

Next door was a lovely church. Loved the exterior detail, You'd really think you were in Texas or Mexico. :)

This one cracked me up! Las Vegas type sign, baby. This is the back.

The front just rocked. And he had fake fountains that spewed fake water and looked fabulous! You can see a couple there at the bottom.

 This guy had an awesome basement hidden inside his place. Look at the cool ladder leading to the control room for a ceiling crane. Lovely!

I'd heard of these sample walls, but this was my first time running into such a huge one. So impressive!

This is what caught my attention in the first place. His Tattoine outpost/single home look! He even has a speeder. :)

My latest inpiration - rainbow stairs. Aren't they awesome? Finding the colors in the minerals and stones was not as easy as you might think. Gold/Yellow and Orange were troublesome.

My giant pit and the first full roygbiv. 

Bad news though. While I was off at A-kon, my rent dried up (you can only pay upkeep for a week - I thought it was 9 days!) and my claims collapsed. Was able to recover everything and put my claims back down, but the saved templates are very hard to deal with. Haven't had time to truly try to put it all back. Wah!

Happy Father's Day, ya'll!

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