Sunday, April 13, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Thief 4/13/14

I'm up way too early today. :P

Thief - Brothel

The ruins now serve a different kind of purpose.

Party town! Has a nice Asian slant. This part of the game went from PG-13 to almost R. So beware. :P

Some gorgeous architecture here and there. See the column in the back?

Cool instrument

The brothel interior

Lovely decor

Collectible hidden in a hidey hole in the attic. Squee!

Some really lovely images

Yes, red in all the decorating. :P

Hidden room/section off the Madam's room. You cannot go back from here, so make sure you are done with the brothel before going here!!!!

This takes a key, which is also a semi puzzle. Opens into a giant area. The peep holes have the hints. This is where the almost R stuff comes in. Also had a programming bug here as one of the peep shows sounds continues to blast at full volume even after you quit watching.

Zone beyond the wall after the key is used.

Coolest flowers ever!

The zone leads to more ruins that lead to an immense library

The stained glass was lovely!

Been missing playing. Need to sneak some time in for it. Everquest Landmark is still on learning curve and mostly building, but I do not have a good grip on it yet or the time to have built anything. Will try to take pics of what the others have been up to.

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