Sunday, April 27, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Everquest Landmark 4/27/14

Running late today! Noooo!

Everquest Landmark

Burled Wood Tree. CAn you see the face? Reminds me of the God Wood in Game of Thrones. Depending on the facing, you get a different face! Love these!

Occasionally, when I teleport or am in a hole, the world gets funky!

The yellow and blue are my property zones. Eventually turned that off as it get in the way. :P

Friends discovered a weird glitch. When they switched to low graphics, it changed the skin color, hair color, but also gave us skirts! Mind boggling.

Hubby's place - construction in progress. He's had a lot more time to build than me. He has some stairs, sandstone floor, and looks to have marked where he'll be adding walls. (Don't know why my pics got thew extra header there. Sorry!)

My pick and I in a partially mined out vein of gem stone. Grouping and staying within 200 meters of each other give both parties whatever one digs up.

Moon rise by my property

A super cool set up on one of the other zones. Guy went totally Egyptian. Wish I'd turned off the bloody property viruals before taking these. Argh!

The genie in the lamp!

Pyramid with and Anubis head for an entrance. He even had a trap inside! Amazing work.

Can you see the floating pentagram in the distance?

A buddies place. Done a lot of work on columns and minipixels for his guard rail. He was nice enough to let me make a schematic of his column. I've since cut out 3 pixels from each side and make them shorter to use in my own master plan. Bwahahahahaha!

Have an awesome Sunday!

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