Sunday, March 16, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Thief 3/16/14

Game play continues! Bwahahahaha!

Thief (4)
Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

She knows more than she's telling. But has seemingly kept me safe for a year while I was out. That I seem unharmed and not debilitated for being out of it so long hasn't escaped me. 

Bats? Birds? There sure are a ton of them.

Bodies are being taken to a factory. A lot of bodies. I'm to recover a ring some a currently deceased man.

Pipe climbing! Woot! Tricky stuff. One of the effects of using focus is that it lights up possibly useful things. Lit up this pipe path for me.

The view down from the pipes. And they scared a year off me when they had that wall collapse.

Dead bodies. Lots and lots of dead bodies.

The mini map. Something new. I need to take a rid on the hook to get to a different section of the factory.

Ridding the hook. 

Have to drop before I am spotted!

My goal. But the ring...


A not very nice man. We're not going to get along.

He has the ring.

Fog. Everywhere. 

More pipe traveling goodness.

My city. Worn, beaten down, but still mine.

Love love love my home. Heh heh.

My mission handler like crows. They bring me matchbooks with notes scribbled on them. Works well.

Off to AllCon for the day! Have a good one!

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