Sunday, February 23, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Neverwinter 2/23/14

Morning, all!

Trying to be on the ball this week.

Pirates Skyhold

Lots of lovely and weird greenery in this zone.

Bunches of small floating islands strung together with rope bridges.

And some interesting decorating!

The lizard men who live here have a huge agro range, so this is about the only way I could try and take a pic. lol.

View of another cluster of floating rocks/islands

An old building with flowering ivy. Pretty!

And no place could rightly be called an island of pirates without a skull mountain! Booyah! Looks awesome. 

Suspicious grate. Might have something to do with how the islands are kept aloft?

More of the lovely ivy.

Look at the size of this sucker! 

Ooo talk about unsafe looking steps! Eek!

See ya, Monday!

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