Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/26/14

Howdy all!

Ladybugs by Marko Zamurovik - at Earthshots'org wow that's a ton of ladybugs. In the bigger pic the red just kind of goes "BAM". :) His website is filled with all manner of pics. 

Sunrise at the Pier by Michael A Blanchette at Almost looks like a pastel painting, doesn't it?

Michael A Blanchette has a lot of lovely pics at his site. Love the angle and the sun coming through the far end. Nice work!

A Dad's Labor of Love: Beautiful Wedding Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head - article by Gannon Burgett at PetaPixel. Photography by Chris Thornton. Cool stuff - so imaginative. From his website it looks like he really does do a lot of weddings. Heh heh

Convicts Share Words of Wisdom With Their Younger Selves in Powerful Photo Series - article by Gannon Burgett at Petapixel. Photography by Trent Bell. The article is fascinating and a little scary in a way. Trent has architectural and interior photos at his website that were fun to look at as well.

Have fun looking at everything! Till next time. :)

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