Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/12/14 - The SciFi Expo 2014 Edition

Yeppers, last weekend was SciFi Expo!
I didn't see any of the stars (wah) but there were some really great costumes. And I probably only saw 10% of them.

Isn't that cool? He made it himself.

Super cool Green Hornet. :)

My daughter made several unique creations during the show. :)

Luke was well dressed for the shindig. It was super cold outside and the inside stayed that way most of Saturday. Eek!

Dead Spock from DuggGraves. Even has the ears. Heh heh

Doesn't the griffin just look fabulous?!

Scarecrow and the Joker. His mask was awesome!

This one is fantastic too. And the attitude totally sold it. Medusa!

Judge Dredd is in the house!

From the Princess Bride - the looked great! He even said "As you wish." But no threats from Indigo Montoya. Guess I didn't look like the guy who killed his father. Heh heh

Super blast from the past - She-ra!

Kiki from Kiki's delivery service. I spotted her with a broom earlier too. 

Best part of this costume was how she sold it with attitude. So cute!

The Riddler - he was fabulous! Even hit us with a riddle. 

Best Donna Noble look alike ever! 

Our 4th Dalek mesh from Taylor Lymbery. Isn't she awesome? Meet Chief Cher Dalek. Hee!

More ChibiChains creations

These I loved so much, I stole them for myself. Bwahahahaha!

Here they are in bronze and red. 

Another chainmailer definitely knew how to think outside the box. Aren't these adorable?

Chainmail dragons too! How cute!

With this great costume turnout at SciFi Expo, I can't wait to see what happens during Dallas ComicCon in May! (Stan Lee, William Shatner, and Nathan Fillion will be at this one!) Woot!

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