Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 12/11/13 - The Icemaggedon Edition!

Yes, last weekend was Dallas/Ft Worth Icemaggedon!
And I have a few pics of the event to share.

It started innocently enough. Thursday temps started to go down and the sleet started to fall. Noticed it collecting on the car at work. Left a little early and had to defrost the car and scrap it off so I could drive.

By the next morning, this was what we had!

Saturday we tried to clear the steps. This chunk shows we had over 2 inches of ice/sleet accumulate! Mind boggling in Texas.

Icicles from our roof. (Yeah, I know all you Northerners are laughing - but we just don't get this kind of thing often and NEVER this severe.) 

The highway was in decent shape so we went looking.

The ice collected on only one side of these threes, but the weight was enough to disfigure them.

Lots and lots of ice covered bushes and leaves. I think a lot of plants won't survive this. Downed power lines and tree branches from too much ice weight.

Ice Wonderland.

This freaked us OUT!

There's a new golf place in The Colony. They have giant poles to hold up nets to catch the balls. The ice stuck to mesh and made the fabric a solid wall. Between the weight and the high winds, it BENT the giant struts! BENT THEM! 


Coming back was harder than going. Eek! First and only time we ventured out into the world. Heh heh.

And it will all probably be gone by this point.

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