Sunday, October 13, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Neverwinter 10/13/14

I'm so sleeeeepppppyyyyy!


Nice presentation :)

Circle of power?

Almost missed seeing this. Turned out the sword was a quest.

Fairy companion! Neato!

Ghost made restless due to invadors

Closeup of said ghost. :)

I do like me some impressive doors

Super cool looking shield!

Hubby found a way up there but it didn't lead anywhere.

Nasty baddie. But his glowing red armor was cool!

Player character outfit - looks weirdly out of place, but very nice!

Beautiful fountain, no?

Demon thing in a magic circle. We help him get revenge, he helps us.

He tells us how to get things rolling.

Yep, this is where it's going down.

So gloomy.

Dead baddie demon thing. Yeah!

Stained glass window looked awesome.

Ah, the one whose been manipulating everyone. Nasty!

Funky figuring above our exit door.

May you get the rest you need today. :)

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