Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 10/9/13 - The Fencon and More Edition

And....we're off!

Nightwatch: The Haunting Light Painted Nightscapes of Noel Kerns from Peta Pixel, article by DL Cade. And he's from Texas! Some funky and cool pics in the article.

Sunrise pics!

It's like I've been getting to work earlier than I should. lol

Sometimes clouds scream for a pic. The striation was very clear on this day.

Daughter was able to sneak pics of the kitten when her battery was recharging. Heh

So cute!

Super cool new chandeliers at the Crowne Plaza in Addison. Loved how the outside looks like an atom. Very fitting with the science panels at the con. :)

Actual 3D ponies! They were utterly ADORABLE!

Cuteness overload!

The one and only time the projector worked for Rachel Caine. She got a table this year to promote the coming Morganville Web Series! Oh yeah!

Signed posters for the web series.

Common Grounds Coffee mugs, pics of Amber Benson (She's playing Amelie!) and a pair of Myrnin's Bunny Slippers. Bwahahahaha!~

And a super awesome Abby Sciuto! So cute!

See you on Friday!

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