Sunday, September 22, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Angry Birds Star Wars and Neverwinter 9/22/13

Fall has Arrived!
Hopefully it will temper down the heat here but not get cold yet. :P

Played Star Wars, which hadn't happened in a bit, and none of the pics actually saved. Wahhhh. A setting must have changed somewhere. Darn...

Angry Birds Star Wars
Cloud City

Some of these puzzles are insane! Mind you, you have to use the air to get bounced around at times.


This one gave me fits, but was also fun. You could take pieces of the poles out of the two stormtroopers shooting and they'd turn. Heh heh.


New mount that's available. Unicorn! And it has fairies of light that dance around it. Squee!

Lovely floral arrangement. And hubby's sidekick trying to hog the lens as usual.

Great colors and clothes on these elves.

Off to a monastery area which is having some major issues at the moment.

Awesome gate.

Some huge statuary

Love these clouds!

Monastery is by a poor area. The people here are being used for experiments and threatened with deadly disease if they try to leave. Nasty!

This is what happens when I try to take a pic when combat suddenly ensues. lol.

Ming the Merciless, anyone?

This is messed up! Look how the super think walls are all akimbo. The land of Neverwinter really suffered from the quake.

Once more into the super roomy underground we go!

Miss Experiment with the Poor herself. :P Ugh!

Back into calmer areas. Though the glowing ground was interesting!

That's it for today. Have an awesome Sunday!

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