Sunday, June 09, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored and Neverwinter 6/9/13

Rain everywhere today!

Final Mission
(Yay! Finally got a small bit of time on this one again!)

So totally loved the giant full moon and the Imperial compound. I've come full circle as the final mission is where all of the horror began in the first place.

The edge of the city by moonlight across the bay.

Unlike the first time, I am not a welcomed visitor. I'll have to make my way up on my own.


View of part of the city from the floating island.

View of another part of the city from the floating island. Gorgeous!

Our two new sidekicks. Already John's guy is becoming a camera hog. :P

Nice street section in town.

Outside the home of a wizard. 

Yeppers, bad things happening here!

Some cool glowing magical circles on the floor.

Vaulted ceiling.

Inside the broken tower

Cobwebs, sunlight, creepy wizard portraits! Great details.

I liked the walls too.

Wizard paraphernalia. :P

Ancient famous wizards.

Crystal forest underground. Our first big dungeon. 

Botanical Gardens. Don't eat the mushrooms! :P

Red Crystal Garden

Imperious wizard statues. 

I'm so missing playing Star Wars The Old Republic! But it takes more mental power than Neverwinter and hubby's brain has been sinus mush for weeks. Waaaaahhhhhh! (Did play my Imperial Spy for a few minutes the other day, so the withdrawal symptoms are slightly reduced. Heh heh.)

Have an awesome Sunday!

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