Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 6/5/13 - The A-kon 2013 Edition

A-kon 24 was HUGE!
New hotel, new bigger rooms, and with it being the first year at the Hilton Anatole, new chaos!

So dark and mysterious!

Tons of awesome detail!

The lady with the Grrr suit even had a piggy backpack! Hee!

You'd not believe the amount of detail on her dress. Amazing!

Lucius Malfoy.

I don't think he he has my best interest at heart here. Heh heh

Black Butler!

Costumes from all over the place.

Just amazing!

Mouths, teeth, and eek!

Bird lady

Like an evil Chinese sorcerer straight out of a Kung Fu film. Yeah!

Ninjas for the win!

New earrings my daughter created at the con - Chibi Chains!

I especially liked these! Look like an insignia for an anime or something. :P

Princess Tutu!

I love the inflatable unicorn! They all looked great too. Loved the long horned weapon thing.

Gargoyles! (She looked fantastic!)

Mustaches for everyone!

She was so adorable! She even had deer freckles!

Merida from Brave!

Nooooo! A Creeper! Hissssss

So bright!

Is this awesome or what? 

My second attempt at a plushie. heh (Dragged him along for fun)

There were a lot of awesome statues and art at the hotel. Didn't get to go looking around though. :(

Pagoda by the front desk.

Pre-reg line on Thursday night. This is but a small section of the humongous line. Hopefully they will figure out a better set up for registration next year. Eek!

Across the isle artist neighbors before the halls filled up. :)

Horse head!

I fell in love! This dragon is MINE! Mine mine mine!

Got us an Alain Viesca print this year. YES! (need to find his name and spell it right! Eek)

Bronys were in attendance. The backpack was so cute!

Steampunk Megaman!

Awesome figures and toys were available for sale.

Hawkeye, Thor, and Loki. They looked great!

More Black Butler peeps!

Totally loved her android costume! 

Unexpected battle - Rafael vs. the Foot Ninjas! Woot!

More hotel art!

He even had shells sewn into the costume!

Lee Martindale and other author/editors at A-kon.

Love his pipe gun! It just looked awesome! :)

Ursula from the Little Mermaid. Totally rad!

As you can see, there was a ton of costumes and stuff going on. And I probably saw but a small fraction of it all. Mind bobbling!

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