Monday, May 20, 2013

Mind Sieve 5/20/13

Spent the past weekend at Dallas Comic Con so this may be a shorter post than usual. But we'll see!

The Tea Chronicles Trailer - I really do hope he did make a short film on this because we NEED psychological thrillers about tea! Yeah! 

Riddick Official Trailer #1 - Oh yeah. Playing in the dark again. Heh heh.

About Time Official Trailer - This looks adorable! Romantic Time Travel Comedy! I am in! :)

As I Lay Dying Official Trailer - not too sure about this one, but it has a lots of actors I recognized.

Pacific Rim Official Main Trailer - pieces of old and new bits! This should be fun!

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - new show in the fall. Looks fun!

Marvel's Agents from SHIELD trailer - ABC is cooking up all sorts of treats! Sweet!

Dracula Official Trailer NBC - Oh! Oooooh!  This looks delicious!

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