Sunday, April 28, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 4/28/13

Morning, all!

Don't have a lot for you this week... Been crazy lately.

Lady Boyle's Costume Party

Bedroom of one of the three Lady Boyles. Two of the three bedrooms were easy (there's an attic connection). But the third room is past a hallway with four guards. Didn't risk it.

View of the city from the balcony at Lady Boyle's. I really do thing the hot air decorations are so cool.

One of the three Lady Boyles. There's also a black and a white Lady Boyle. They have the best costumes, which is sad. Ugliest costume party EVER! lol. Don't believe me? Look at the next pic. :P

Ugliest costumes EVER! A fly head and a (I think) sperm whale? Ewwww. His personality matched his mask though. Heh heh..

Hope your Sunday is awesome!

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