Sunday, March 31, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored 3/31/13

Happy Easter! (Or as one of my bosses says Happy Keaster! Heh heh)

3rd Missions - Kidnapping Dr Sokolov

Ah, my beloved. What made this extremely poignant for me was that I am looking at her portrait even as I believe I hold her heart in my hand...

One of the rooms in Dr Solokov's place. Love the clock!

One of the views as I sneak around trying to find a way onto the bridge to Solokov's area of the city.

Loved this pic. It was also part of a sneaky puzzle to find the combination of a safe. This clue is for the # 7

Visited again by the Outsider himself. Hilarious how he's complaining about Solokov using and believing in the magic but not being the right kind of believer. lol. 

A closer view of the far side of the city across the bridge.

An altar to the Outsider. 

The bridge which must be crossed to get at Solokov. Not an easy enterprise. Though from talking to hubby, I had it way way easier than he did. Bwahahahahaha!

I got a warm feeling from seeing this. Two successful missions for me to coo over. Heh heh.

Looking from the end of the bridge down to where I need to go next. 

View from down at the docks by the bridge.

This section of the city is mostly empty and in ruins.

Had my mask upgraded for a zoom (and it put it in the alt button) so got a better pic than I expected by total accident! lol. (Normally press alt and screen print to take my pics. Heh heh) (Must use right alt from now on...)

Have yourselves and awesome and profound Easter!

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