Sunday, February 03, 2013

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 2/3/13

Hubbins felt real bad last Sunday so we played at being 'Couch Potatoes'. Not as many pics as usual this week. :P

Star Wars The Old Republic
Imperial Spy (I'd been missing her!)

Construction bot. That looks like one nasty laser.

Prisoner of a Sith. She knows a lot about Rakghouls.

As a subscriber you get a certain amount of Cartel bucks a month. Both times I've bought a package with each of my 2 characters, I've gotten wheels! (Packages have random rares and other goodies) Here's the newest one. Isn't she pimp? (Poor hubby has gotten 0 transports)

When I first spotted these two at the Cantina, I thought the Sith was doing the Macarena. lol. 

Beasties in the water. In the far back (click to make the image bigger) you can see Sith lightning cooking up a few. Heh.

My pimp ride!

Weird little bugger. Had not noticed his kind around on Taris before.

Have an awesome Sunday!

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