Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/9/13

Show me the pretty!

Icy Aurora by Geraldine at - Love those colors! Their website is pretty cool too. They do photo shoot tours to unusual locations. Wow~!

More WOW! St Mary Twilight by Alex Noriega. He has even more fabulous pics at his website. Dang!

Another Alex Noriega pic at - Sorcery. Look at that sky! 

Eye of the Needle Geminids Meteor Shower by David Kingham at Click for the bigger pic, the meteor shower will blow your mind. Great pics at his website as well. 

"Black Beauty" a Martian Meteorite with water from NASA.

Image of the Day at NASA - Solar Eruption.

Wow, when I asked for "Show me the pretty" I had not expected all this awesomeness. Sweet!

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