Sunday, December 02, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Dishonored and Angry Birds Star Wars 12/2/12

Good morning!
We went out Christmas shopping yesterday so had no time for SWTOR, but I did sneak some other game play earlier in the week. :P


A distillery. The old lady wants me to use the rat guts from Dr Galvani's lab to poison the tanks of healing potions they're selling for way too steep a price. Must say I had a much easier time this round here. Phew! 

In the back of the distillery. Casks and casks and more casks pf whiskey. If you enlarge the pic you can see the trip wire of the trap stretched across the hallway and the dude's silhouette past time. Sneak sneak sneak.

Angry Birds Star Wars
Yeah...after finishing the demo I just had to buy it. lol.

This is one of the space screens. The shimmering zones around the one planetoid means it has GRAVITY that will skew your trajectory. Yes, ABSW has a gravitational pull component!

You can see this one there on the top. You do get a guiding set of dots and you can see it bend when you aim at a gravity well. 

This gravity well would spin the bird but there's varying degrees depending on angle. Can get pretty tricky.

Tie Pig Fighter and yeah, he's shooting lasers!

Bwahahahaha! Finished Tatooine and Space from that planet - now I'm fighting Storm Pig Troopers in space on the way to the Death Star. Can't wait to get there!

One of the picture/movie sequences. He's a new character. He splits into 3 birds.

More gravity spinning fun!

This screen here is fun! It keeps track of what characters you've run across. There's 3CPO and R2D2 from the previous bonus screen I did. What's even more fun is that you can click on each one and it makes the sound they normally do when used in the game. Hee!

Second Bonus Screen. A gravity well inside a gravity well. This sucker was funky!

Have an awesome day, all!

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