Sunday, December 09, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Angry Birds Star Wars and Star Wars The Old Republic 12/9/12

Good morning! Felt like Doom and Gloom yesterday. Doing a little better today. Sad I had to skip a friend's party for the second year in a row. Waaaahhhhh!

Angry Birds
Deathstar - bwahahahaha

One slide movie showing us being pulled into the Deathstar.


Lasers, floatie things, Imperial Pigs!

This Han Solo screen was insane. Needed to ricochet laser shots off the metal sheets. What's mean is that the sheets take damage each time. 

Chewie!!!! lol. This one had Chewie, Lightsaber Luke, and the X-wing pilots. It was hard! (There's like 3 more columns of blocks you can't see.

Another toughie puzzle. Had to use Obiwan to use the force to hit the blocks to rain them on the floaters. 

Squee! Darth Pig in the house! All the red lines stuff is stuff he's keeping aloft with the force. And you can't hit him directly. By getting the small platform beneath his copilots, then he'd take sufficient damage to poof away. The moment he's gone, his force hold disappears and all the stuff falls. NOt as easy as it sounds either. lol

Movie shot!

Star Wars The Old Republic

Why yes, I am easily distracted by cool looking walls. Why do you ask? :P

Yeah, not the kind of place to be hanging around at. Eek!

Shrine charging up a weird Sith cube.

Say Hello to my little (dead) friend. 4 eyes and lots of sharp, sharp teeth! These seem to be like rabbits on earth, spread all over the galaxy but deadly rather than cute.


This apparatus looks very similar to the one being admired by my Imperial Spy. Hmmm.

A very funky shrine.

As you'll notice in several pics, my companion NPC started trying to hog the camera! 

Dead things that don't fall down make great pic opportunities! Hee!

Cave with the source of the corruption taking over people on Voss.

Now hubby is being a camera hog. Hmm, I am noticing a trend here. :P

Sith companion responsible for a lot of trouble around here.

One of several shrines in the cave system.

Love these doors!

The three Mystics of Voss. 

Have a great Sunday, ya'll!

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