Sunday, September 09, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 9/9/12

Been busting chops to catch up this week on everything! Wheee!

Republic Side - Jedi Consular

The ruins look somewhat Mayan except blockier, don't you think?

Entrance to finding Hallow Voice, the Esh-ka leader.

I'm thinking that's where he's at. :P Totally forgot to take his pic before we pulled him out after the big battle. Sigh. The Esh-kat leader asked me to choose a name in their format. Of the three, I chose Ember Fist. :)

My little Jedi made that big hole right there. Oh yeah. 

Just fascinated by this nasty looking critter. We have not been brave enough to take him on. lol.

Different angle on some of the ruins.

Just when I thought we'd seen all the nasty creatures... Eek! This one was on hubbin's story track. 

Ancient escape ship.

Generator in the distance.

Hoping we get to play more today! Work and convention schedules have not been helping!

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