Sunday, August 05, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Secret World and Star Wars The Old Republic 8/5/12

I really do wish all games let you take pictures. Was playing some Deus Ex Invisible War this weekend but it wouldn't let me take pics to share. Bummer man!

Secret World

That is one creepy looking tree!

That's one sweet gypsy wagon!

Hobbit door? Hmm

Uh those tentacle type trees past the mushrooms are giving me the heebie jeebies.

Dead peeps and a weird creature. Can't be good.

Star Wars The Old Republic

From the Empire

Mass Weapon of Destruction that has brought fear to the Empire. And there's still some out there about to go randomly off. They must be stopped!

Bay of a mysterious dreadnaught at Artus.

Computers and consoles of the dreadnaught

Has some really cool corridors in this thing.

And yeah, there's no doubt as to who it belongs. heh heh. Darth Jadus is down there. This section of the story for the Imperial Spy is kicking my buns, (And they make you defeat him multiple times! Aiiieeee~! (Was a BIG shocker after I finally got him the first time. Argh!) Wish me luck!

May your Sunday be a lot of fun!

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