Sunday, June 10, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 6/10/12

It's Sunday, the weather is changing again, and I am dragging. :P

From the Republic side - Hoth:

A valley full of volcanic geysers.

Heading towards a valley filled with giant crystals.

Imperial occupied space within the crystal zone.

Better look at my map emote

New kind of artifact harvesting node. Funkiest looking thing. Had not had a new configuration in a while and none so interesting looking! 

Pirate base. Loved the giant ice sculptures! Can you spot them?

Reminiscent of movie Superman's Fortress of solitude. (Smallville's too!)

About to arrive at a zone full of downed ships. Who knew Hoth had these many visitors!

Inside one of the larger pieces of wreckage.

Now for my Imperial Spy on Anderaan.

Do love these flying fish. What's interesting here is the grass nest.

Approach to House Alde.

House Alde's Banner.

They have this huge holographic projector. A bit ostentatious no? Heh heh.

Funky death pic. His buddy disappeared on me or they'd have been two in the pic. Hee!

Hope you had a great weekend~!

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