Monday, June 11, 2012

Mind Sieve 6/11/12

Happy Monday! (Or is that an oxymoron?) :P

This Week In from Charlie. He's just too cute. Though I have to disagree about Cars 2. He might be too young to appreciate all the jokes. Heh heh. (I feel old now.) :P

Call Me Maybe Parody from The Key of Awesome. (Possible brain damage - but cute. You've been warned.) :P

Rockelbel's Canon (Pachebel's Canon in D) - 4 Cellos - from the Piano Guys. Awesome upbeat version of the old classic. 

Prince of Balls Game Video Preview - looks like they currently have it for web with apps coming soon. Looks really cute. 

The Good Doctor Movie Trailer - looks very trippy. 

1st Skyfall Poster for the next 007 Film from Total Film

From the Huffington Post - Europe History Time Lapse. Pretty darn cool. When the Mongol Hordes hit, there is no doubt! 

New Skull Made of Typewriter Parts by Jeremy Mayer. Check out the second skull pic at the site. The back of the head is too cool as well.

Designing From Bones - Enigma and the Iron Thunderbolt from Gene Lempp. 

Won't Back Down Official Trailer. Loads of talent on this one.

Social Media Is An Imperfect Sales Tool. Use It Anyway from Nathan Bransford. I totally agree with him, though at times it drives me crazy that I can't keep up with everything everyone shares, I have definitely stumbled on new friends and cool stuff to share because of it. :)

From Mashable What Twitter's Do Not Track Feature Will Mean For You.

How To Instantly Boost Your Twitter Appeal from Cassera Communications.

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - 25 Reasons You Should Quit Writing.

7 Reasons To Be Grateful You're A Writer from Victoria Mixon.

From The Write Practice - Three Times You Should Use A Comma. One can never have these rules pounded enough into ones brain. :P

See you next time!

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