Sunday, April 15, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 4/15/12


Let's start with Balmorra and the Republic.

Imperial stronghold area.

Ah, this Sith I'd met before. She was the woman placed in charge of putting Balmorra under heel when I first came here as an Imperial Spy. I'd left things wrapped up quite nicely. Then here comes my Jedi Consular and she's brought the Sith woman to ruin. Was fun seeing the storylines connect like this.

The Empire's super weapon. Makes most normal weaponry malfunction.

Yes, I know, "what? another picture of Balmora's skies?" What can I say, it fascinates me.

Some special Imperial flyers we got to destroy. 

Mid destruction pics. Heh heh.

A really lovely set of waterfalls.

YES! Another Holo/Datacron! Woot! 

View as we struggled for an hour to figure out how to get to it! (We went the hard way. Sigh. Quite easy once we really figured it out.

Aha! Found you!

X -771 Y 2050 Z139 Willpower +4 Booyah!

Now for Tatooine with my spy.

Some super cool lit mushrooms in a cave.

Giant dead thing in the same cave. Poor thing.

Sand People cloth with much needed information on a lost corporation site. (Yeah, some one I already had fun with with my Jedi. Can't wait to see how this one goes a different direction. Heh)

Back to Balmorra.

The big Legacy 1.2 update happened this week. First thing we found, synchronous dancing with your companion. Yay! (Hey, it's important!) 

Approach to Bug Town, where the Republic is holed up. 

Hah! Synchronous dancing with my spy. Hee! (What?)


Blacksun and Perelay have done a bunch of work. This is their place from a distance.

Interior of the open area.

The netherbrick is looking pretty cool.

Ah! My road! My first road since we've had to start over. Nothing like seeing the sucker glow in the night.

Magic room.

Finally found the second village. Spent the night safely indoors at the church. The zombies who've been banging on the door just caught fire in the growing sunlight. Yes!

Long tunnel in the nether and here's one of the denizens. Bad hygiene for sure. :P

Nether plant. For some potions? J had a nice little patch growing. He lives so far away from everyone else, they built a shortcut through the Nether to get to him. Dang!

J's bridge to his watermelon and pumpkin fields.

J's front.

View of J's place from the bridge.

Inside J's place. Swanky!

Heard there were multiple sandstone styles so did a little experiment while waiting for night to pass. Top are 'hieroglyph' sandstone (not impressed - thought it would be more hieroglyphy). Bottom has 2 regular sandstone and a smoother sandstone.  

The jungle by village 2. Building a road through there is proving challenging. Whee!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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