Sunday, April 08, 2012

Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic, MInecraft and ? 4/8/12

Have more virtual tourist pics and a surprise. :)

First Balmorra on the Republic side

A mission gone very wrong for my compatriot Blacksun.

Balmorra is just so cool looking.

Imperial side of Tatooine.

Some Sith training.

A local beastie. Don't remember seeing him on the Republic side.

The vistas on Tatooine are just awesome.

Back to Balmorra.

Men and their toys. :P

Double the Shuttle Double the Fun?

I want to drive this tank!

All those nifty places to crawl through. We were sure we'd see a holocron here but no.

Cool logo!

These missiles are scary looking.

Weapons factory. Cool place.

Pilot training pods for the Empire.

Love the 3D holograms!

You have to admit, warning signs are warning signs in any language. :P

Tatooine again.

Snorkle dude!

We had a major crash on the Minecraft server. There was a void that wouldn't go away and then started filling up with more and more creepers and zombies. It overloaded the thing. Happened when I wasn't home, which meant hubby didn't take any PICTURES~! Nooooo!  The humanity! We're having to start from scratch again. The hunt for a new home begins. Wahhhhhh!

Did get one cool pic of the new area though.

If you click for the larger picture, you'll see like 17 or more squids! All in one spot. I've never seen so many at once.

**Online University graphic removed by request*

See you next time!

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