Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Picture Kaleidoscope 4/4/12

Let's see what turned up this week.

A yes, the Roach Apocalypse happened! Found this giant sucker at work. 4th Floor! Long way to go to get some water. Eek!

Also did a lot of good eating this past weekend. Had me some eel at Edoko Sushi. YUM! 

Hubby wanted me to take a pic of the candy we got with our bill. They also have one by the door that's coffee flavored. Mmmm.

Spring has sprung! Always love the color of these roses when they blood. 

Gloria's Super Special at Gloria's and eaten by Gloria. Hah! Basically a sampler platter of El Salvadorian food.

John goes for the more sedate chimichanga. Heh

Ah, bread nirvana. First encountered these at Fazoili's and later they showed up at Souper Salads. Must show restraint!

Sky on Monday. Very busy up there, no?

From NASA - Enceladus, Saturn's Moon

Candy Stripe by David Henderson. Funky, isn't it?

Ethereal Intergalactic Images - The Chaos Theory Thom Kerr Editorial. Most look like a zombie in space? 

Stunning Springtime Snapshots - National Geographic Captures Global Spring Equinox Festivals from Trend Hunter. 

40 Cool Backgrounds - Photographs Inspired by Nature For Your Desktop from PelFusion. Some truly awesome pics in this!!!

Okay, that's it for this week. Stay frosty!

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