Monday, February 13, 2012

Mind Sieve 2/13/12


Iceland Volcano Eruption Timelapse - post by Tiffany M. Spiffy video with footage shot by Sean Stiegemeier.

This might be cute - Darling Companion movie preview.

Because we need more reasons to fear flying in planes - 7500. Heh heh heh

From Castle fan StixAnimated - The Blue Butterfly - Too cool!

The Amazing Spiderman Official Trailer - woot! Could be fun.

The Avengers - Extended Superbowl Spot. Can't wait!

New Mirror, Mirror TV Spot - this one is going to be FUN. I don't think it will have a serious bone in it's body. heh heh.

Something you never think about! From the History Blog - Guinea Pigs Popular For All Classes in 16th Century Europe. What's even more fun are the two pics at the bottom. The painter really did like to put guinea pigs front and center! lol.

The Volkswagon Peeps just have it going on. Make sure to watch PAST the dog part of the commercial. ROFL.

Designing from Bones - Deamons, Demons and Dramatic Struggle by Gene Lempp.

Literary Agent Nephele Tempest discusses - Does a Writer Need a Blog? Ah the perpetual question!

From Kristen Lamb - Book Stores Are Closing And Amazon Is Expanding - Want A Sure Bet In An Uncertain Future?

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - 25 Reasons That Writers Are Bug-F*** Nuts. (Yes, I edited the title. I don't want to be NSFW! Heh heh.) After reading these 25 reasons I wonder if I should be more worried about myself. Hmmmm.

From Lisa Gail Green - Avoiding A Saggy Middle. Three easy steps! (Sort of. Heh heh)

Okay, looks like that's it for this round. Have a great week!

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