Monday, January 30, 2012

Mind Sieve 1/30/12

Fate has attempted to mess up this post. But a post we will have! Bwahahahaha!

Trailer for Detachment - looks weird and major 'take a hanky with' movie. Lots of great actors in it.

What fun! "What If" - Movies Re-imagined For Another Time and Space by Peter Stults.

Pencil Art by Jennifer Maestre. Not your typical way of making arts with a pencil is it? Heh heh.

This is super cool! You'll freak at the end. Chinese Art - Sugar Painting. Totally awesome.

Jelly Bryce - the Man Who Taught The FBI How To Shoot by Holmes. What I find truly amazing about this bit of history is how the FBI ever thought that they could chase criminals without having their agents know how to handle weapons. Doh!

Celebrate Chinese New Years Lego Style! From NPR. So cute! Love the fire on the business man's bum. Hee!

Probably only writers, editors, and agents will find this amusing. Heh heh. Script Cops Episode 2.

Voyager joke from Brendan Thompson. Heh heh.

SMACK! Oh my! lol. But true... :P From

Special Exclusive Preview of Man on A Ledge - extended preview and info from Total Films. I think this one will be fun. Hubby doesn't. Boo!

This was being shown around on Facebook. All I know is that I WANT IT! But not outside. Heavens no! That sucker deserves and inside wall in my house, facing the entry way. Drool!

Time To Reply - a really cute new song from Charlie. 

From - Warner Brothers has acquired the right to Tad William's SF/F epic Otherland! YES!   Sweet! Loved this series!

New Poster For The Raven with John Cussak FromTotal Film. I think this one will be fun!

From Gene Lempp - Designing From Bones - Cult of the Rooster Syndrome. Proving suckers are always ripe for the picking?

From the Social Media Examiner - 26 Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts by Debbie Hemley. While aimed mostly at business blogs, many of the tips will work great for our author platforms!

From StoryFix - Further Perspective on Author Branding - You Are Forced To Choose Who You Are. Some wise words here.

25 Things Writers Should Know About Agents from Chuck (NSFW) Wendig. Amen, Brother! (Ooo even got something I'd been looking for in here. heh heh.)

Wake Up! It's Time For A History Lesson - how to write/use history in your writing - guest post by Victoria Martinez over at Kristen Lamb's blog.

It's Alive! Poking Dead Scenes With A Stick pt 2 by Janice Hardy. Nice approach!

When Do We Need To Know What A Character Looks Like? from Juliette Wade.

That's it this time around. Hope you find some of this useful if not fun! See you next time. :)


  1. Thanks very much for mentioning me! I appreciate it.

  2. You're welcome! Have ab awesome weekend!


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