Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 10/12/11 - Fandays Edition

This past weekend I was over at Fandays 2011. Fandays is a day for all things Star Wars. Got a combo of phone and camera pics (forgot the camera the 1st day). Let's see what I got that not super blurry to share. :P

Some great armored type dudes all over the place.

Loved the little chameleon guy. He's a hat.

The guy below is a Zombie Trooper. heh heh

Regular Storm Troopers

Steampunk Storm Trooper and Bounty Hunter! I loved all the leds on the trooper.

Clone Wars cartoon Troopers above.

This guy and gal didn't know each other but both made clothes from the Star Wars material.  Was funny watching them yack about the process.

Super heaby trooper!

No Star Wars day is complete without the Sith Lord.

This one killed me! Darth Vader as a chef with Jar Jar Bink's head on a platter. Heh heh

Billy Dee Williams. He really seemed to enjoy posing with folks.

Dragon Lady on stilts. Real nice get up.

Cold weather Storm Trooper.

Forest Storm Trooper.

The Superman Family! So cute!!

 More of the Dragon Lady. The legs are stilts. She bounced and danced on those. lol.

Darth Vader's personal wing men troopers

Julie Benz and Claire Kramer.

Super cool t-shirt. Had to get it for hubby!

The Irving Convention Center - which aptly enough looks like a Jawa transport. Heh heh.


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