Monday, October 10, 2011

Mind Sieve 10/10/11

Shake all the stuff I collected over the week and see what I can filter out for sharing goodness.

Chad Bourn shared a cool article from the BBC called - Ready for the Robot Revolution? Cool stuff! Even has a couple of videos.

DelReySpectra shared this video showing Quadrocopter Ball Juggling. How neat!!!

Jenny Hansen did an entry called Do I Have a Dirty Mind? Awesome examples of bad names people give to restaurants, hotels, and stores.

From Total Film - The Dark Knight Rises: Batcave Details and Police Chase Video.

Nathan Bransford asks - Don't Be A Jerk. Behavior on the internet. Very much rings with Yard Dog Press's Church of DBAA - Don't be an Asshole. Heh heh.

From Felicia Day - The Dragon Age Redemption Trailer. Series launch October 11th!

From Gene Lempp - Zoo Arcane - Slayer Spirits and the Unredeemed. Creatures from Japanese, Jewish, and Turkish culture. (Don't confuse these shikigami with those in Bleach. Heh heh)

From NASA - Space Observatory Provides Clues to Creation of Earth's Oceans. (Actually what they mean is how a forming Earth got water to have oceans, but never mind - interesting article.)

GeekChicDaily shared the The Adventures of Tintin Trailer 2.  Looks like fun!

Martyn Chamberlin shares The Johnny Depp Guide to Mesmerizing Marketing. Interesting take on things and how it applies to us. :)

Phyllis Zimble Miller asks If Your Book Is Available on Amazon Do You Have an Author Page? (Yes, yes indeed I do. :P)

From The Savvy Book Marketer - What's The Most Important Thing on an Author Site. (One of the things I did last weekend was make mine even more accessible.:P)

The Write Stuff shares 9 Essentials for Aspiring Authors. Nice list! (I have peeps that shiver when asking me for brutal honesty. They know I may just deliver. Eek! (Gives me guilt, it does!))

Chris Voss and his take on Why You HAVE To Be on Google + And Why Leaving Facebook ISN'T Smart.  Definitely food for thought.

From Kristen Lamb - Dr Twuth - Friends Don't Make Friends Eat Spam.  (Not even fried?) :P

The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Smart Way from Kristen Lamb. Why's and wherefores of Author Branding.

From Social Networking Abuse - things not to do to Editors or Agents on Social Networks. (Wow, some of that stuff is truly crass. Eek!)

From SWFA and Victoria Strauss - Bad Publishing Contract Clauses pt 1. Ack! A nasty one too!

Are All Writers Delusional? by Jami Gold. (What? There's different levels?)

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - 25 Things You Should Know About NANORIMO. I know a lot of people swear by it, but I just can't see it for me. Good luck to those of you who do participate, however!

Stupendous post by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig (And it's pretty clean too!) on The Publishing Cart Before the Story Telling Horse. Huzzah! Go Wendig!

All righty then! That's it for this week's Mind Sieve. Hope you find something to enjoy! See ya next time.

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