Friday, September 02, 2011

Dr Who - The Plan (At least as I see it!)

(Yeppers, you guessed it, no movie review again this week. Hoping to sneak a movie sometime this weekend since Animefest is local, but we'll see. :P)


After a short hiatus Dr Who is back! And with a BANG!  Had to watch the episode "Let's Kill Hitler" with the remote at hand so I could pause to digest bits, but mostly to rewind and rewatch. I believe this is the episode where we now get a foreshadowing of the PLAN and what the hey is going on this season.

Figured I'd lay out my reasonings (plus a few more from a brainstorm with Kathryn Sullivan (Super Whovian Extraordinaire!). So here we GO!

Per canon, Time if fluid and can be changed without incident except for Fixed Points in Time. They've pounded this in over and over. But what people don't think about is that the perception of the Fixed Point itself can be misunderstood. The whole universe is making the assumption that the fixed part of Utah in 2011 is the Doctor's death. In fact, the fixed part is the giant con that will be run on that date on the universe and specifically the Silence. The con that will make everyone believe that the Doctor is dead.

What has been the Doctor's biggest problem the last couple of seasons? The fact everyone sees him as a danger to the universe, even after proving he wasn't it. So how do people who become too visible and who love freedom more than anything do to get peeps off their backs? They fake their deaths. And now that the Doctor has learned the one secret everyone was trying to keep from him (the fact he died and the details) and NO ONE knows he knows, he can set it up.

1) Everyone got invites to be there to see it. Including the Doctor. (And the Silence) Shows foreknowledge of the upcoming event. AND making sure everyone who needs to know knows so the ball can roll in the right direction. (As Kathy points out, the Doctor arrived there in a CAR. Aside from Jon Pertwee's Doctor, he doesn't normally go anywhere except by Tardis. So that he's driving/in one in Utah is hinky.)

2) An old friend shows up to help destroy his body (meaning no one can check on it too closely) , one that leads to the mystery of the girl in the suit (right off the bat making peeps believe the girl in the spacesuit and this spacesuit killer in Utah are related if not the same). Yet now we know River Song is the girl in the suit, and she was as surprised as everyone else at his demise, so can we say Red Herring?

3) The Justice Robot being in the wrong place and time to met out Hitler's Justice. That was someone tampering. Such a unit would not have made such a mistake in time unless made to - bad timing could be catastrophic, especially since they try to take people when they would normally leave the time line, therefore causing no change. The tech mentioned there'd been some sort of a mistake, that they were too early in Hitler's timeline. Since the Doctor has lived through the Justice people being there and the impact they had in helping the situation with both saving River and himself, he would make sure it occurs. And isn't he one of the best hackers around? Heh heh

4) The Flesh. There's already a Flesh Doctor out there and he will be the one to die. (Another reason for disposing of the body - no evidence!) (As Kathy brought up, she asked if it was free Flesh or Slaved Flesh. I was talking Free Flesh. As a copy of the Doctor has already been made. She stated it would be murder, but I said, not if he sacrificed himself. Either because he feels as strongly about freedom as the Doctor (which he would) or they insert that the Flesh only has so long to live and he volunteers (didn't they mention this Doctor was like super old?). Kathy also suggested they could use a Justice Robot for the deed as well and they do have an abandoned unit they can use. Just reprogram the thing.)

5) The Doctor will kill the Doctor. Since it's his set up and his deal. Also, as I said, covers why River is so surprised, because even though she did have a suit, and she did do stuff in it, it isn't her at the lake.

6) I think the Voice Interface is going to play a key spot in there somewhere. Possibly stemming back to how River was conceived/changed in the first place. Maybe...  The Doctor was trying way too hard to make the Amy version be more than its programming. This hints of something being in flux. More hunky stuff! (Might even be the precursor in setting up how River even got made?)

A lot of peeps are feeling weird about Stephen Moffat running the gig, but I have confidence! There's a PLAN!  BWAHAAHHAHAHAHAAHA!

What do you all think is going on?

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