Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/24/11

This should be chuck full of pics this week. I was, uhm, a busy beaver. Heh.

Photo of the Day - Ray and Rays by Autopsea. Just love the look of it. (And ominous sharks in the background. Eek!)

NASA's Cosmic Inkblot Test - The Dumbbell Nebula.

A funky Macro photo by Chuck Wendig - Astroturf


Since I took pics of the dog the other week, figured I couldn't leave out the cats. Above is Subaki. As you can see from the lamp, this is a favorite perch of hers that occasionally suffers for her patronage. :P

Mythril and Mr. Boots. You can't tell from this angle, but Boots (who's like 2 to 3 times Mythryl's size) is slowly squeezing her off the edge. Heh.

The colors! All the lovely colors! Textures too!

New place I went to last week for a coworker's final lunch before he moved to Austin. Restaurant is Cyclone Ayana's - Mexican food joint. Had great and funky decor!

Some of the funky art had moving parts twirled by air currents. Really cool!

Went to another new place on the weekend. We'd been seeing adverticements for this place at he movie theater for months and months! It's called Artin's Grill. Also had dark wood decor like Cyclone's.

Mediterranean Salad with chicken. What we loved about the chicken is they cut it super thin, so you could really mix it with your food.

Bowtie pasta with chicken.

I thought the bar was evil! The TV on the upper left was on the Food Network. lol.

Enjoy the pics!

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