Monday, August 22, 2011

Mind Sieve 8/22/11

Okay family, how am I supposed to read blogs and fun things to put in my post if you all steal all the bandwidth? Oi!

Weird Al Yankovich shared a story of the weirdest fan encounter he's ever had and Now I Can Die animated it. lol. It truly was a weird encounter even for Weird Al. Heh heh.

From FansOfMovies the Brave Official Trailer. Should be loads of fun!

FansOfMovies also shared a link to the 2nd trailer for the Immortals.

Gene Lempp takes on a journey to learn more Of Hobbits And Pygmy Elephants. (Big feet, but did they have hairy toes?)

The Hollywood Reporter shared info and a trailer for The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe. (He looks good in the old fashioned clothes. Hee!)

Total Films had an article and trailer for the movie Hysteria. (Based loosely on real facts/events and with a comedic slant. I was howling by the end of the preview. ROFL! I think this will be funny and embarrassing!) (And yes, women did go to the doctor for release - seems the books showing women how to comport themselves at home did not ahem, err, well never mind...!)

If you live in Dallas, the MATA or McKinney Avenue Transit now has a Trolley Tour. Free! You can give donations. Sounds fun!

Kristen Lamb's Twitter Tuesday - Spam Toad vs Author Brand.

Laura Hazard Owen wrote an article on Google + Is Better Than Facebook For Book Sharing and shows a trick for Google + that now allows you to show others what you're reading from Google Books. (Tried it and it worked! Sweet!)

Stanford from Pushing Social has a really cute blogging post called Rock, Paper, Scissors for Blogging.

Angela Ackerman over at The Bookshelf Muse gives us Blogging Tip: 3 Fast Fixes. (Good stuff!)

Ryan Frank has a post at Writing Tips where he tells us of Twelve Places Authors Should Look To Develop A Strong Web Presence. (He obviously didn't read Angela's post with that name. Heh heh.) (Is it sad I already am in just about every place he mentioned? Eek!)

Another post from Marketing Tips this time from Tony Eldrige - Google Has Free Tools For Online Marketers. (A lot of these would be useful to writers too!)

Evil Kristen Lamb talks about The WANA Theory of Book Economics - Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Sell Books. (It's even a cliff-hanger blog post, if you can believe that. EVIL!) (She also didn't read Angela's post! ROFL! I did not set these up this way on purpose. lol)

Rachelle Gardner did a post called Poor Sales Can Affect Your Future. Sobering but true. And sometimes you've little choice in the matter. (Yes, this industry can be quite depressing. Luckily that's not the only reason we write, right?) :)

Dave White did a guest post over at TerribleMinds called New Ideas Are Like Shiny Jewels. Lots of truth there.Just dealt with it this very week. lol. Notebooks are real handy for idea notation. You never know when they'll strike. :)

Roni Loren has a great post about her discoveries on The (Not So) Dreaded Synopsis - 5 Tips to Set You FREE!

Changing Scale: Looking at Your Story From Different Angles by Janice Hardy. Interesting premise on how to use micro and macro to look at different facets of your work. I'd originally thought this was going to be about changing a story's POV, which can shift the entire tale and sometimes give you a boost in the right direction, but no. lol. :P

Self Discipline - The Key to Success by Kristen Lamb.  And she's right. Discipline and writing are like muscles that have to be slowly exercised and worked up and they'll come through for you. Though I still wish I had a clone. :P

10 Commandments for a Happy Writer by Nathan Brasford. THIS IS REQUIRED READING!!!! DO IT! Honestly, even if you're a pro, this is a good thing to keep in mind. :)

Donna Galanti has a list of basic things to keep in mind when getting ready to submit your manuscript over at Tempting Tuesday.

The Life Cycle of a Novel (in 25 Steps ) by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig.

Ack, there are more, but I don't want to blow up your brains. A very busy week last week. Ack!
Oh, and just because I got one. Hee hee.

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