Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/17/11

Was more picture productive last week. Lots of awesome skies. Just always tricky to try to get a pic without all the extras. lol.

Do you see the dragon? So cool!

This is a Craigmirtle trunk. Just fascinated with the color striations. We have some BIG buggers at work.

I took this one because when I was coming home early on Friday, the sky was clear but looked DIRTY! You can see the brownish line toward the bottom. Not sure if it was dust or fire smoke.

This is what happens when puppy is bored and we're two hours late for her dinner. DOH! (The carpet might not be totally her fault. We'd hosed it down and dried it outside for a couple of days, so maybe a string snapped.) The whole packet of plastic pencils though, totally her.

The pinks and greys looked more vibrant than in the pic at the time. Still pretty though.

Reading Otomen made me super hungry for cute pastries. So the kids and I went to Velvet Cakes in Plano. I got a keylime parfait looking thing but of course I was half way through eating it when it occured to me to take a picture. So you only see what they got. Heh heh. (I wasn't driving. My hands were free!)

Mom sent me these next two. Lake Texoma in the morning.

She caught the moon way off in the distance on this one.

NASA Picture of the Day is below. Cellular Flow.

Jerry J Davis got a cool picture of a pure Orange Sky.

Another NASA Picture of the Day - View of the Rim of Endeavor - looks like Texas after this heat wave!

Petapixel shared this article with Beautiful Long Term Exposure Shots from a Japanese Train. Some really neat results.

Runinng super behind, so that's it for this week!  Enjoy!

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