Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 8/10/11

Not many pics from me this week. But some cool stuff from elsewhere to share.

For hubby's birthday, we went to our favorite hibachi restaurant, Jinbeh, and I actually had enough presence of mind to take a pic of our favorite past!

Onion flaming volcano, anyone? Heh heh

So much fun! Just wish they'd not cut back on the vegetables. Hopefully it was just a miscount. Veggies are the best part aside from the rice. Mmmmmm.

ScifiGeeks shared this pic - The Ultimate Death Star Dress! Love the Tie Fighter clip on. Hee!

Ethan Nate shared this article from Dicover Magazine with this awesome pic of a spiral galaxy.

Last but not least is a post from Light Stalking about 41 Sublime Subway Photograps.  Here's a taste.


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