Monday, August 08, 2011

Mind Sieve 8/8/11

I have a boatload of stuff this week. Twitter was insane! (And a few of these came from elsewhere too! Dang!)

From FanOfMovies and TotalFilm - Second Tron: Uprising - animated Tron series by Disney. Looks awesome!

Hopko Designs did a 1950's poster version for Cowboys and Aliens. Pretty spiffy!

The Hollywood Reporter shows us a peek at the The Dark Knight Rises set.

Per TV Guide and Eddie McClintok, Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway!) will be in Warehouse 13 in a four part episode arc. That should be fun!

From Total Films - Marvel is looking at Dr Strange for their next big movie.  YES!!!  The Doctor is IN!  (He's been my hubby's all time favorite superhero for forever! lol. I like him too! and with the awesome CGI available nowadays, the can do him right. Booyah!)

From AJ Walker's Medeival Mondays a cool blog post on How A Corpse Can Convict Its Murderer.

Gene Lempp shares some lore of three ancient animals on Superstition, Legend and Mystery. I'd not heard of any of these guys. Great story fodder.

If you watched Eureka last week, I think you'll enjoy this look at the episode Up In The Air from Wil Wheaton's unique perspective. The things that happen behind the camera that we never see! lol.

And this was too cool not to share. From Instructables - How to make and X-Wing fighter from Office Supplies. Looks awesome too! (Come on, you know you want one!) :)

Roni Loren asks Is Your Blog Fluffy? 5 Questions to Ask. Some good points to keep in mind. (Heck, just click it to see the weird fluffy bunny at the top of the post. lol)

Kristen Lamb's Twitter Tuesday - Tweeting Others Special. (We're all one giant Twitter Tribe! Just wish I could actually read all the tweets. I can't follow any more people as it's a giant mess now. Bah humbug! ) :)

Kristen Lamb shares more thoughts on G+ Circles - Good Idea for Writers or High School Revisited. (I don't totally agree with some of her points, mostly because while I may drag people into Circles I've yet to actually post only to a Circle. I just make it all public, the same as I do on Facebook. Some of her other points about not sharing more than just writing and also about not sharing too much personal info I am totally in agreement with.)

Beating the Sugar Addiction - Tightening The Writing by Kristen Lamb.  (And a free flash fiction piece to boot!)

Efficiency 101 - The Power of No by Kait Nolan about guarding your writing time.  (They taught us this at work too! Back when I was a supervisor. So you wouldn't get overloaded. lol.)

Getting to the Core of the Character by Lisa Gail Green. (Definitely something to keep in mind!)

Chuck (NSFW) Wendig shares 25 Ways to F*** With your Characters. (That is the saddest part of our jobs. If we love the characters, we must hurt them. It's a thing...) :)

Nathan Bradford has a great post On Distractions.  (Since I don't work at writing full time, I personally try to set specific times to write - like before work and during lunch. I also subscribe to the reward/enticement system. As in, if I write for a half hour, I can read for a half hour. Carrot and the stick. Heh heh.)

Okay, if this does not give you all enough to keep you busy, I give up! lol. Happy reading!

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