Monday, August 29, 2011

Mind Sieve 8/29/11

Some definitely good stuff this week to share!

Jenny Hansen explores the question - Do Writers Read Differently Than Non-Writers? Very cute! And some truths too! Heh heh.

Total Film shared a trailer for Gerard Butler's next film Machine Gun Preacher.

Zachary Levi shared this article at IHeartChaos and a commercial from Duct Tape: Tron Style! Awesome.

 This could be a cool resource - - Your Guide to the Gods. From all over the world. Rather spiffy!

Nikita Season 2 Trailer. Whole new direction!

Catie Rhodes give us the skinny on The Most Haunted Little Town in Texas - Jefferson, TX. Really great pics of the Claiborne House too!

Vevo News had a cute triple video serving - On The Set With OK GO. Then the OK GO Muppet's Theme Video comes on. And lastly an adorable promo. lol. These guys had too much fun. :)

ZombieSchool asks - Do you need a fast deployable zombie safe house? Here's one option:

Preview for Supernatural Season 7.  (You know I had to!)

Tony Eldridge shares a list of 10 Truths About Self-Marketing, Like It or Not. Some good points here!

Kristen Lamb shares The Single Best Way for Writers to Become a Brand. Woohoo! I did this right all on my own. Of course, I still haven't gotten my name to truly be seen as a BRAND, but at least I'm not having to start from scratch. Truly, this is a no brainer.

More Thoughts on That Pesky Author Branding by Randy Ingermanson. It works in quite nicely with the things Kristen was saying in the above post.

Dr Twuth is back! (aka Kristen Lamb) This time she tackles The Twuth About Twitter Pics.(Our Avatars, that is! From the title I thought this was going to be a totally different topic. DOH!)

This week Chuck (NSFW) Wendig tackles 25 Things Writers Should Know About Social Media. Look, he can be brilliant talking about writing AND social media~! (It's the Beard, you know. Chuck is just its puppet. :P)

Debbie Ohi has compiled a huge list of Google + Newbie posts and more. Might be a place to check out if you're thinking of trying out Google + at some point. These are aimed mostly at writers and artists. (Too many for me to go through, but since they were all in one place, figured I'd share!)

From The Bookshelf Muses - Weather Thesaurus Entry: Mudslide. Real nice article on how to use weather as an extra dimension in your writing. Even examples!

From Kristen Lamb the Guinea Pig Diaries: Little Darling Anonymous. Or The 5 Stages of Edits and Crying.(ROFL. Yes, and LDA meeting with 12 Steps.)

Structure Part 2 - Plot Problems - Falcor the Luck Dragon and the Purple Tornado from Kristen Lamb. Telling it like it is! Structure is king. :)

From Nathan Bransford comes There Is No Such Thing as an Overnight Success Story. WORD! (One success story I know of only appears overnight because of four name changes! lol. So it wasn't really. She worked her buns off!) :)

Ack, that's it. Brain is FRIED! (Eyeballs aren't too happy either.) Hope you enjoy!

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