Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 6/29/11

Let's see what I can share with you this week. Almost forgot to do the entry! Doh!

Had an unexpected visitor last week. I'd seen him once before but not this close. It's a hawk or falcon (I don't know enough to tell the difference). What was amazing was I only noticed him after I was out of the garage in the car and half way into the alley. I stopped, fished for the phone and took the pic. He just kept glancing at me on occassion to make sure I wasn't going to jump out or something. Was honestly shocked he let me hang around and take the pic. :P  Now if the phone had done better...

The Astronomy Picture of the Day was quite awesome last week. I don't even know how to describe the thing. Just go look at it and read the explanation. The light displays are fantastic. Even more so as you read what they are.

Jerry Davis pointed this place out - Dear Photograph. Cool project where people take a picture and place it over the area it was taken in and take a picture of that. Really neat!

A new closeup of Titan's Largest Moon! From

From 19Sixty3 comes this cool, very noir seeming picture called Wandering On The Common. Just something about it calls to me. Like a murder mystery about to unfold!

Fluffy clouds and blue skies are back! Sweet!

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