Monday, June 27, 2011

Mind Sieve 6/27/11

It's going to be a full mashup this week!

FanOfMovies shared a link to a new Muppets Movie Spoof Trailer. Heh heh

Jerry J Davis shared a link to A Wonderful Collection of Doodles on NetFlix Envelopes!

VoiceOfBrien ran across a new lego set - All Hail the Lego Super Star Destroyer. (I wants!!!!)

Eclipse Magazine has the scoop on all things Torchwood: Miracle Day - more than just a TV series.  (Everything is becoming so interactive! How am I supposed to find time to do all this stuff! But so cool!)

Some David Tenant news right from the horse's mouth! He'll be doing a tribute in the next Dr Who Magazine to Nicolas Courtney (The Brigadier). He's also is working with Catherine Tate again (Donna Noble) in Much Ado About Nothing. 

These guys followed me after I posted about the Zombie Walk at SoonerCon. Believe it or not, there is a Zombie School! They're doing all sorts of Zombie research. :)

Adding this last minute. Too cool and fun to pass up. Meet Charlie. This starts out mundane then takes a turn. Loved IT!

Ross Dawson explains 7 Reasons Twitter is Central to His Life. Pretty much explains why the heck you want to get involved in this crazy stuff. Heh heh

Jami Gold shares her thoughts on What We Should Blog About and gets there by looking at What Makes You Decide to Buy a Book!

Kristen Lamb gives us More Sacred Cow-Tipping–Common Blogging Misconceptions. Some great ideas on blogging. (I'm already doing some of this. Monday - Mind Sieve Mashup, Wednesday - Picture Kaleidoscope, Friday (when I can!) Movie Reviews. Oh yeah!)

Collen Lindsay shared this post by Scott Tracey - Authors Use of Twitter. Great stuff in here guys! (And I totally try to do Road #1. So if you follow me and I don't follow back, it's not because I don't care. I just can only handle so many tweets scrolling by. But feel free to @ me and I will happily converse with you (work permitting!).)

PamMktNut shared a link to a post from Reviewz N Tips on Things Not To Do in Blogging.Good mind fodder info here.

Kristen Lamb's latest Twitter Tuesday wisdom - Learning to T.H.I.N.K. (Never forget, once it gets on the internet, it's forever! Kinda scary really.) :P

What Are the Odds...Really? Kristen Lamb takes a hard look at Success and what it takes to get there.

Gene Lempp shared a link to a post by ALI on How to Cut the Waffle From Your Writing. Definitely some good points and things to watch for here!

Gene also shared a link to Killer Instincts: Trusting Your Writer's Compass by Janice Hardy. The on thing to keep in mind though is that not everyone has it right off, you do tend to have to cultivate it. Just saying... I know I'm still working on mine. :)

What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing by Kristen Lamb.I only partially agree with this post, but only because some of the science they used in the film wouldn't work. Specifically the whole Spock and Scott beaming Kirk to a MOVING ship. Especially since they had no idea WHERE it was. So do make sure your science/tech works as well - devil in the details. :P

Ack, I had a ton more blogs to check out but my brain is now pureed. See what I go through for ya'll? :P


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