Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 5/11/11

The skies cleared towards the end of last week. Got a couple of awesome light shows in the morning.

Pixmarket shared this photo by Caitlin Prochaska called When Light Conquers Dark.

And this site has some very cool pics. Still Photos With A Dash of Movement by Michael Zang.

Took this at Edoko, a new Japanese restaurant in Frisco. (Ever since Japango closed at home, we've been trying to find a replacement. Looks like we hit the jackpot here! Heh heh.) I just love the inventiveness of the Cloth Chandelier! Place looks very Chic. (Not that I have a real clue about these things.)

Really cool settings. Need to take pics of the funky almost ying-yang couch-booths next time. :P

They even do their place settings really pretty!

Oh, and they have Eel! Their Uni Don even includes avocado slices. The sauce is wonderful. The plate/bowl is really cool looking. Should have taken a sideways picture. (Makes notes for next visit!)

Even their bathrooms are cool! The faucet forms like a mini waterfall!

I'll leave you with another serene sunrise. Ahhhhh.
Have an awesome week!

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